Benedict Cumberbatch does Colin Firth

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Stop what you're doing. Whatever worries you face, set them to one side for just a minute. It's time for a Wednesday morning pick-me-up, courtesy of a slightly damp (in the best way possible) Benedict Cumberbatch.

We figured it was near impossible for any man to ever come close to recreating the magic of Colin Firth's iconic Pride and Prejudice scene when he emerged from the lake, setting our hearts aflutter. Turns out, however, Mr Cumberbatch is more than capable. Showing a little more torso than the former Colin Firth (how very naughty indeed *said in posh British accent*), Benedict stars in a photo campaign as part of an exclusive exhibition to mark the 10th anniversary of the Give Up Your Clothes for Good campaign which supports cancer research for kids.

Benedict Cumberbatch.

Shot by Jason Bell, this campaign has been making a difference since 2004, as the renowned photographer has collaborated with everyone from Liam Neeson to Jerry Hall and now, perhaps one of the most sought after British actors, Benedict Cumberbatch.


The campaign has now raised over €17.6 million to help the young folk among us enter remission sooner.

Colin Firth.

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