Before Midnight

We have never been left in such suspense as we were at the final scene of Before Sunset. Nina Simone plays in the background while Celine makes tea, and all we really want to know is whether Jesse makes that plane or not! Apologies to those not au courant with the Before Sunrise, Before Sunset movies, but it is hard for us not to share our pain with those who are part of the devoted following to Richard Linklater's cult movies.

Before_Sunrise Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise was the first of the trilogy, a small budget movie from 1994 that followed an American boy and a French girl who meet in Vienna and spend a night together. Ethan Hawke plays Jesse, and the divine Julie Delpy plays Celine. The second part of the trilogy picks up ten years later, as does the actual film, which came out in 2003. Now set in Paris, Jesse and Celine's circumstances have changed radically since that night in Vienna, and yet their connection has remained the same.

before-sunset Before Sunset

Before Midnight picks up another ten years later with the final episode (supposedly) set on a Greek island. Following the format of the two prequels, with improvisations and incredible extended tracking shots, it promises to please lovers of this intelligent romantic comedy.

Before-Midnight-fea Before Midnight

@Roxeenna is a total sap for these movies and is really unhealthily excited about Before Midnight.

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