Beauty blogger drama: Why everyone is talking about Tati Westbrook's YouTube video

On Tuesday, US YouTuber Tati Westbrook uploaded a video, called "Breaking My Silence..." where she apologises to beauty vlogger James Charles and calls out YouTubers Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson for being involved in her infamous "Bye Sister" video about Charles

Beauty blogger Tati Westbrook is considered on US shores a veteran of the beauty blogging industry; at 38-years-old she has been in the business longer than Charles and was an early advocate and friend to the teen. She considered herself and her husband parental figures and mentors to Charles who was trying to find his footing. Regularly pushing his products on her channel, she urged her now 9 million followers to follow the youngster as he showcased the varying sides to his personality. Westbrook and Charles remained friends with Charles openly saying that Westbrook had made his career.

What happened?    

On the surface, it appeared to be about vitamins.


In late April last year, Charles used his Instagram platform to promote Sleep Vitamins by a brand named Sugarbear. The problem was that Sugarbear is a competing beauty brand to Tati's own company. Tati is the founder of a vitamin beauty brand called Halo Beauty.

Westbrook responded by uploading a 43-minute video in May 2019 to YouTube called, Bye Sister – what James calls his subscribers. She detailed her reasons for her general unhappiness with his behaviour throughout their friendship. Charles responded with a shorter 8-minute video, offering an apology to Westbrook, her husband and fans for his behaviour.

The situation that unfolded was dubbed Dramageddon 2.0.

Fast forward to June 2020 and in a new video, Tati claimed that Dawson and Jeffree Star "gaslit" her into releasing her now-infamous video. Jeffree Star added his own unsubstantiated allegations, claiming that Charles was a "predator."

Westbrook's 2020 video

She began with an apology to Charles. "Since that night, James Charles has repeatedly said that he wanted to be beside me for this video. But I felt it was important that I do it alone, because he deserves my first apology," Westbrook said. "And I am really sorry, James. And I've said that privately, but I want you to hear it publicly."


Essentially, she said she "lost over a year" of her life worrying about how people perceived her following the Bye Sister video, which she said Dawson and Star pushed her into uploading. She added that she was "gaslit into making that video" and that it was "one of the biggest regrets of my life."

Westbrook said that in 2019, Star "started talking a lot more crap about James Charles than usual," adding that "doing so had become his biggest obsession."

She said that eventually both Star and Jeffree influenced how she felt about Charles.

"Over the course of the next few weeks, [Star] and Jeffree fed me so much information that I felt sick. Almost every day there was more information and new allegations," Westbrook continued. "Eventually I started believing what they were saying, because they said they had evidence. By the time the drama around James Charles' promotion of SugarBearHair reached its peak, I was beyond gaslit."

Westbrook said she and Charles have now made up since they looked at each other's DMs, saying she believed they had both been manipulated as part of a publicity stunt for Dawson and Star's Conspiracy makeup line.

Dawson's response


Clearly distressed, Dawson went on Instagram Live to react to Westbrook's video, calling her manipulative.

"You are so manipulative," he said. "You're fake crying. You are fake crying, that is not real. Oh my god."

He ended the livestream, but then tweeted: "THIS IS A F---ING LIE AND IM LOSING MY MIND!!!!!!!!!!"

Dawson's fiancée Ryland Adams also tweeted about the event, saying that Westbrook had given a "masterclass in manipulation."


What happens now? We can only wait and as the drama continues to unfold...

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