Beautiful music and beautiful words: your guide to a very loved-up weekend

Valentine's Day itself may be over but the romance in the air is getting ever more potent. There are plenty of opportunities to find love this weekend, and we're not just talking about the bars and clubs — you'll find sweet references to love and romance in many places around Dublin this weekend. Have a lovely one, from IMAGE!

Friday: Be swept away by Ennio Morricone at the 3Arena

weekendImage via Facebook

The genius film composer behind the soundtracks for The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Once Upon a Time in America, and The Untouchables, Ennio Morricone is rightly considered to be the world's best film composer, and is playing what is said to be his last ever tour in Dublin tonight. The Italian mastermind will be backed by a 100-strong orchestra plus a choir of 75 voices, guaranteeing an overwhelming wall of sound that is sure to be stunning. Morricone is behind some of the most beautiful music ever composed, so if your bunch of flowers you got in the garage didn't go down too well yesterday, maybe a pair of tickets to tonight's show might do the trick.


All weekend: Fall in love with words at WB Yeats' letters on display at the National Library of Ireland

weekendImage: NLI

Ever wished a gifted poet would write you a love letter? Well, now you can see how those words would really look, as the National Library of Ireland displays letters written to Olivia Shakespear by W.B Yeats, spanning over 40 years. Shakespear was a writer herself, and became the object of Yeats' affections as she struggled through her own marriage. Their physical affair didn't last long, but their intimate relationship stood the test of time, with the couple keeping in contact for decades. The National Library has acquired the letters of their affection and is displaying them free of charge until the end of the month.


All weekend: Get some culture at the Scene + Heard Festival 2018 at Smock Alley Theatre

weekendImage: Scene + Heard Festival

Dublin 8 can always be depended on for the best of the arts in the city, and this week's Scene + Heard festival brings another layer to their reputation. Showcasing performances from all over the country, the festival includes music, spoken word performances, food, and plenty of variety. And what's more, the audience have the unique chance to provide feedback on each show they see — whether it's through the secret ballot or a 4 word Twitter challenge.

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