The IMAGE Edit: Ways To Instantly Feel Happier

In times of trouble or despair, it can be easy to dwell on negativity. To forget the things that move us or lift us up; the things that can act as a balm for a bruised soul. We're forever seeking 'quick fixes' but when you're down, the little things that offer instant moments of joy and happiness can only be a good thing. Here, the IMAGE team shares?what makes them feel instantly happier.

Family Time ?

Spending time with my nieces and nephews is pure happiness. They're an instant injection of joy, a total tonic and bring nothing but sunshine to my heart and life.

Clodagh Edwards, CEO

Pretty Pins?


My Pinterest dream life is on there. I love all the images/quotes and style/interiors things gathered there - curating it is a personal joy to me. It's an aesthetic 'control in a world gone mad' kind of thing, and it is quite an insight into what makes me tick!

Ellie Balfe,?Digital Director

Perfect Pairings?

Finding perfect pairings: A glass of top-shelf Pinot Noir and very ripe brie on rosemary crackers ... a well-made flat white and a warm hazelnut brownie ... firm castelvetrano olives and a wedge of aged manchego ... a G&T ... find pairings you love and make them happen, often.

Eoin Higgins, Cara Deputy Editor?

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 14.48.32(Many Cups Of) Tea

Three words: CUPS. OF. TEA.


Niamh O'Donoghue, Staff Writer?

Getting Away From It All

Getting away from the rat race ... walking on the beach in Wexford, having a quiet moment with my kids where I'm properly listening to them and hearing them, doing the things I never get to do well because I'm usually in a rush, like cooking something different and putting some effort in (rhubarb ice cream was the last stab at this) and those rare moments when I'm feeling like I nailed it.

Meg Walker, IMAGE Deputy Editor?

Eating (And Enjoying It)

Eating/cooking outside. Whether it's a barbecue or a picnic on the beach, hot soup after a sea swim, or even just taking my coffee into the garden before going to work or eating something I baked. There is no guilt in eating treats you made yourself.

Lauren Heskin, Cara Junior Editor


A little Pampering

I love spending time with my nieces and nephews, but I won't lie, a spray tan and blow-dry does instantly pick me up!

Ciara Cosgrove, Sales & Circulation Manager


The sun shining is an instant pick-me-up! I immediately start thinking of rooting out all my summery clothes that only make an appearance during that one week of summer we get here in Ireland.

Louise?Tyrrell, Events Assistant?

Dancing And?A Good Book (In That Order)


Dancing to Gorillaz' Dirty Harry cannot be beaten. Neither can curling up with a good book; a book so consuming that you start slowing down towards the final chapters because you don't want it to ever end.

Lucy White, Cara Editor

Password Phrasing

The general password I use online is a particular word/phrase that makes me grin whenever I key it in. That's a nice little pick-me-up sometimes. Also, anytime I watch the film The Linguini Incident (1991). Rosanna Arquette + David Bowie = happy me.

Aisling O'Grady, Editorial Assistant?

The Internet

Scrolling through my direct messages on Instagram. Endless hilarious memes and cute dogs sent from friends.


Amanda Kavanagh, IMAGE Interiors & Living Editor

A New Read

Buying a new book - knowing that there's 300+ pages of countless lives/stories different to mine is a real comfort for crappy days.

Eoin Mulligan,?Editorial Assistant?


Staring at my fish tank ... I started out a few years ago with a few goldfish in a bowl. Little did I know that it would be the thin end of the wedge. I now have a 54l tank with all natural plants, rocks that I've collected from my local river, gnarly driftwood, and thirteen weird and wonderful (and fun!) creatures. Simply sitting down and watching the watery antics in the tank for a while is a super salve for a stressed mind.

Eoin Higgins, Cara Deputy Editor?


Puppy Love

A snuggle with my Schnauzer (Flumpy the dog).

Melanie Morris, IMAGE Editor-In-Chief?

Beautiful Words

Whether it's a line from a film, my favourite song or a quote in a book, beautiful words have always cheered me up. Words are hugely important to me; I write them for a living, and when I'm engrossed in a film, it's the dialogue that captures my attention before the visuals. Prose has the power to challenge my perception and alter my view of the world and reading (or listening to) anything written beautifully instantly makes me smile.

Jennifer McShane, Staff Writer

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