Beating COVID-19 blues: This clip of Italians singing will cheer you up

With so much of the world going into lockdown and isolation to try and contain the rapid spread of the coronavirus, it's hard to look back even at Christmas just gone and realise that currently, our daily lives have changed more than we ever imagined they would. For others, in total lockdown, day-to-day has slowed and become increasingly difficult. Italy is one such country. But citizens are doing what they can to stay upbeat 

Many Italians are beating the social isolation imposed by the country's coronavirus lockdown by taking to their windows and singing in unison or playing instruments on balconies.

Much of their economy has been shut down and residents are told to only leave the house when strictly necessary.

All cultural events have also been suspended, prompting some to start organising online performances and museums to put virtual tours online.


To see residents come together to create such an uplifting moment in what is a very uncertain and scary time, is a balm to worried souls – and very much needed.

Watch the clip below:


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