Watch: Barry's Tea releases its first television ad in 3 years

Barry's Tea has released its first television ad in over three years and it is an emotional one

My family are Barry's Tea through and through.

My mother's nose turns up at the sight of Lyons and do not even think about bringing own-brand teabags into our house.

Not only is the tea awe-inspiring but the ads are too.


Over the years, Barry's Tea has created some of the best TV ads to hit our screens. Some lighthearted, some heartbreaking and some as dramatic as Fair City but always a reflection of Irish life. From weddings, mothers, emigration, GAA and local romance, these ads are an important part of our cultural zeitgeist.

It has been three years since the last Barry's Tea ad and I have hoped and prayed for a new retelling. Those prayers were answered by the Barry's Tea marketing team with the release of a new ad entitled 'Sisters'.

Tale as old as time

Shot in Dublin and Brooklyn, New York, ‘Sisters’ tells the story of Nora, who has a job in Dublin and her younger sister, Gina, who’s chasing her dream as an actress in New York. Ciara Berkley plays Gina and Stephanie McKeon plays her older sister, Nora. Despite their hectic lives, the sisters always find time to catch up over a cup of Barry's Tea via Skype calls and WhatsApp chats.

It's a tale as old as time. Girl moves to New York with a copious amount of Barry's Tea in her suitcase and rings her family whenever she is drinking tea. By chance, they are always drinking tea too. Thus showing Irish life revolves around tea.

It's heartwarming and a bit of a tearjerker with Nora surprising her sister on the opening night of her play. All the while, a cover of I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers sang by Fya Fox plays in the background.

No doubt Nora travelled to New York with a suitcase full of Barry's Tea like many more before her.


The TV ad launches in Ireland this week across the major broadcast and online channels.

Watch it in full below.

Sisters from Barry's Tea on Vimeo.

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