Banksy's self isolation project has been decorating his bathroom... in true Banksy fashion

The anonymous street artist is making a productive use of his time in lockdown, just in quite a different way to the rest of us

Many of us have decided to take on redecoration projects as we follow social distancing rules, and street artist Banksy is following suit, but not how you might imagine. He's turned to paint, certainly, but it's not a coat of a nice calming neutral.

Instead, the artist has adorned his bathroom with a series of disruptive rodents making a nuisance of themselves. As his usual canvas of street walls is off the cards due to social distancing, it's Banksy's own walls that he's turned to, showing that even street artists can work from home if they want to.


Banksy posted the images on Instagram with the caption: "My wife hates it when I work from home", and we can see why she would, as the rats are causing much disruption to the couple's bathroom. One is about to waste some precious hand soap, several are conspiring to tip over the mirror, and the other is squeezing toothpaste everywhere. One, which is reflected in the mirror, seems to be tallying up something, presumably days spent stuck inside.

This piece of art, which undoubtedly increases the value of the artist's home by a considerable amount, is his latest since February, where he depicted a young girl firing flowers from a slingshot on a wall in Bristol.

The artwork captures the chaotic reaction that a lot of people can relate to at the moment in response to feeling enclosed, and seems to suggest that Banksy wanted to depict this pent-up energy that must be widespread.

While we don't know if we'd like it to be a permanent feature of our own bathroom, it certainly makes for an entertaining representation of us all cooped up in our own homes.


Image: Banksy

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