Band Aid 30

Almost thirty years to the day since Band Aid was first released in a bid to raise funds to cure HIV, Do They Know It's Christmas was re-released this morning in aid of the fight against Ebola. The song features a host of new stars including Rita Ora, Sam Smith and Emlie Sand?, some familiar faces such as Chris Martin, Sin?ad O'Connor and Guy Garvey, and the only remaining star that featured on the original version, Bono.

The song was debuted on The X Factor yesterday and the most noticeable change is in the song's lyrics which were re-written to really hammer home the new aim of the song. Bono's powerful yet somewhat controversial ?Well tonight, thank God it's them, instead of you? is replaced by ?Well tonight we're reaching out and touching you? and the anthemic ?Feed the world, let them know it's Christmas time? has been changed to ?Heal the world...?

The single was officially debuted on The X Factor results show last night with Bob Geldof pleading with viewers to ?buy five, buy ten, don't get it for free online. This thing could arrive here on a plane at anytime. Mothers aren't able to touch their babies when they're dying. It doesn't allow lovers to comfort each other. When husbands and wives can't touch each other at their last moments. This is the most anti-human disease. But we can stop it, and we will stop it.?

The single can be purchased in all good record stores or can be purchased online here. You can also donate and find more information on Band Aid on their website.


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