Ballymaloe House are hosting a live dessert demonstration next week

Want to put your quarantine-honed baking skills to the test? Ballymaloe's virtual pastry event will go down a treat

Say the word 'Ballymaloe' to anyone in Ireland and their reaction will be the same - mouth watering and eyes glaze over as they begin to think about lunch. Ballymaloe House, the home of some of the country's most delicious fare, has been serving food for over five decades, and has an extensive, award-winning history in serving delicious creations.


Their selection of desserts is one part of the Ballymaloe experience that we're particularly fond of, and we're not the only ones; in 2019, Ballymaloe House's Sweet Trolley won Trolley of the Year at the World Restaurant Awards.

The man behind the Trolley is chef JR Ryall, whose Instagram page full of sweet treats regularly has us wishing we could drop in to sample the goods. But next week, JR is bringing Ballymaloe to us, in an online pastry class to put our baking skills to the test.

The Secrets of the Ballymaloe Sweet Trolley will be streamed live next Tuesday at 2:30pm, where JR will demonstrate some of the most mouth-watering dessert options at Ballymaloe House. It looks set to be a gorgeous afternoon, especially for the foodie in your life, and for €60 for two and a half hours, it's pretty good value too.


You can sign up to the session on Ballymaloe Cookery School's website, and tune in via Zoom on the 21st.

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