Avril Lavigne Reveals She Has Lyme Disease

Icon of noughties teen rebellion Avril Lavigne has revealed she's been battling Lyme Disease for the past few months. Media speculation about her absence from public appearances ranged from marriage difficulties to rehab, but in an exclusive interview with People Lavigne shared the details of her illness.

In the interview the Canadian singer spoke about how she was bedridden for five months. She told the magazine that she fell ill during her 30th birthday party in Las Vegas last October. Her appetite disappeared, and she experienced extreme fatigue. Everyday actions such as breathing and talking became monumental efforts. "I thought I was dying," she said.

Avril spoke about how her mother moved in with her and husband Nickelback musician Chad Kroeger to help out. Lavigne described her helplessness as, ?like having all your life sucked out of you." Thankfully, Avril is now on the mend and even has a song out soon. The track is called ?Fly? and is an anthem for this year's Special Olympics.

Lyme Disease is an infectious disease transmitted to humans by deer ticks. The symptoms vary. Fever, fatigue, joint pain, memory loss and a stiff neck are just some of the indicators. While treatable, the condition often goes undiagnosed for months, making treatment that much more difficult.



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