Autumnal Confectionery Treats For Your Wedding Day

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Cakes and chocolate and cookies, oh my!

There's nothing like the promise of sweet, delicious treats at a wedding to keep guests happy throughout the day. They should not only be tasty, but look elegant and beautiful too. Autumn provides a delightful theme for your wedding confectionery. Gorgeous, golden carrot cakes, sumptuous berry compote, spiced cinnamon cookies and leaf-laden wedding cake triumphs are all visual delicacies to consider.

The cake and dessert can be the centrepiece, but don't forget the morish nibbles. Pumpkin macaroons, nutmeg shortbread, and dark chocolate bites provide additional deliciousness to the day, as well as adding to the aesthetics (before they're gobbled up), if you display them with intent. Consider setting up a treat table and push the DIY boat out with vigour. You will be surprised at what you can create, just stick to the colour scheme so you don't stray into madness.

Find inspiration below for your autumnal wedding treats. Whether you need ideas for your cake or cookies, these yummy visuals will help you get the look you want.


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Photo: Wedding Forward

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