Drink wine for charity: Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis' brilliant idea for Covid-19 relief

The acting duo is now officially selling Quarantine wine and donating all profits to Covid-19 relief efforts

Celebrity couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis recently took to Instagram to share what they (and most of us) have been doing during lockdown — drinking wine. 

“In the evenings we like to do virtual dates and virtual hang outs with friends,” Kutcher says. And during those hang outs, “we like to eat, drink, share a glass of wine and reconnect.

“Another thing we’ve been working really hard on is helping out a lot of charities.


“So Mila’s brilliant idea,” the actor explains, “was to create a wine where we can actually give shout outs to whoever we want with the wine.”

Partnering with one of their favourite wineries Nocking Point, each bottle features a white label that reads “Toasting to:” at the top.

So you can toast to a family member, friend, essential worker or even yourself for just making it through the day at home with the kids.

Profits from the wine will go to GiveDirectly (families in need in areas highest hit by Covid-19), Direct Relief (provides medical equipment to frontline workers), Frontline Responders Fund (gives PPE and ventilators to medical facilities) and America’s Food Fund (gives reliable and safe access to food in the US).

The wine on offer is a “Quarantine” Pinot Noir and, as of now, is only available for US delivery. 


Pre-sales are available at officialquarantinewine.com and shipping will begin early next month. 

One-hundred percent of the profits from the wine sales will go to charities, making Quarantine wine a fantastic way to raise money for those affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

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