Artists Alice Fitzgerald, Leah Hewson and Helen Steele invite us to “Assemble” at Atelier Maser

Cancelled on its launch day back in March, a new multimedia art exhibition by Irish women artists gets a second chance of glory

Launch day for any art gallery is a stressful experience, with artists and staff ensuring every last, finer detail is completed, from artwork labels to printed price lists to – crucial – ensuring enough celebratory bubbles are chilling in the fridge. 

But imagine it being the big day itself and not knowing if it can actually go ahead or not? This is the brutal uncertainty faced by Atelier Maser, whose exhibition of works by women Irish artists on March 12 was in limbo right until the last minute, a certain pandemic pouring water on its best laid plans.

Fortunately, the thwarted show makes its long overdue debut on August 8, presenting multidisciplinary works by artists including Alice Fitzgerald, Leah Hewson, Deirdre Breen, Helen Steele, Jane Fogarty, Aoife Scott and Lola O’Donoghue. Entitled “Assembly”, it does exactly that, uniting the talents of seven contemporary practitioners working in fields of print, textiles, sculpture and painting. 



Header photo by Sarah Doyle, pictured left to right from back, Jane Fogarty, Helen Steele, Leah Hewson, Deirdre Breen, Alice Fitzgerald, Lola O'Donoghue, and front, Aoife Scott. Above, Alice Fitzgerald with her monochrome abstract prints


In contrast with the distinctly drab weather that has just set in (SIGH), the show includes welcome bursts of colour by the featured artists, while Fitzgerald’s strong graphic shapes play with form and spatiality. 

Run by the street artist Maser, whose own studio is in the very same building, the atelier first launched in 2018 as a multi-use and collaborative space, championing emerging talent while providing a community hub for artistic debate, yoga lovers, meditation dabblers/devotees and all-round sounders.

“Assembly” previews on August 8, in a free, ticketed event to allow for social distancing guidelines: book a slot at The exhibition will run ticket-free thereafter, until August 28.



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