Are Calvin Harris And Taylor Swift Music's New Power Couple?

Sometimes, celebrity land does not make sense. Why did Katie Holmes marry Tom Cruise? Where was Suki Waterhouse manufactured? Why isn't Danny Dyer running for Number 10?

However, sometimes the stars align in such a way that it makes us believe that there just may be a supernatural presence dictating the outcome of humanity. Yes, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris may be hooking up.


The two natural and statuesque blondes were spotted food shopping this week in Nashville, Tennessee. Taylor, ever the accomplished and polite lady, stopped to chat to friends while Calvin looked on, no doubt proud to be seen with such a talented woman. Investigations by various sources say that this beautiful union may have begun at last month's Brit Awards. Various tabloids have also found footage of the two musicians attending a concert this week.



So far, we're loving the low-key and matching outfits vibe of this beyond-famous duo. What do you think of this potential new power couple? Will it last? Whatever happens, we hope there is a musical collaboration on the cards because can you imagine?

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