Out with it. I am not all that tech-friendly. I basically use my laptop like a typewriter, or at best word processor (the precise definition of which eludes me) and still get a thrill from the wonder of Netflix.

Only if I am very, very taskly-challenged do I attend to harvesting tools that will actually either save time or help spend it more pleasantly. Cue an extraordinarily long train journey and eureka moments galore.

Pocket?Send interesting articles to this virtual storage unit until you're ready to read them even if you don't have access to wifi when you finally have the spare time to graze- as easy as pinning and perfect for a commute (provided you're not the driver, of course).

Period Tracker?So simple- the free version sends a warning ping in advance of your due date, the upgraded one can ping about ovulation as well.? ?Wow,? I thought, "how clever of the developers- half the world will want this." ??No," said my male colleague, ?the whole world will want this- and can you track more than one body? "


Wunderlist?Build and share lists with friends- ideal for Santa and anyone with a touch of OCD. Ideal also for sharing out shopping tasks in general, which can only be good- no more doubling up on milk and cat food.

@lgeorge353 is getting there. Slowly.

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