Anti-Drink Driving Ad + Adorable Puppy = Necessary Viewing

This Budweiser anti-drink driving ad from last year should be broadcast all year round.?

Budweiser's puppy marketing campaign is something glorious. Remember that Super Bowl commercial where the puppy made friends with the pony? Adorable. The ad the internet deserved.

However, the lager company doesn't just use puppies to push beer. Budweiser has also employed canines for some rather serious messages, such as the dangers of drinking and driving. In a PSA from last year, Budweiser illustrated just why you shouldn't ever get behind the wheel drunk by telling the story of a golden lab, its owner and a night out that has the potential to turn tragic.

Drink driving is something no adult should ever do. As we face into the holiday season, just remember to never take chances. It is estimated that alcohol is behind 1 in 3 fatal collisions, and one report found that almost a quarter of the drivers killed on our roads, where alcohol was present, were under the legal limit when they died.


Be careful, and think of the waiting puppies.

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