Anne Hathaway's Miley Cyrus Impression Is A Must-See

Anne Hathaway has, let's say anecdotally, had a few years out in the likeability wilderness. However, in recent months the actress has been playing a PR blinder in making us forget her earnest Les Mis?rables Oscar campaign. When she's not performing rap classics as Broadway hits on Jimmy Fallon, she's being blistering honest about how she deals with the downfalls of fame and mass judgment.

While all that negativity can be difficult to deal with, Anne seems pretty lucky in her choice of spouse. Her husband, actor Adam Shulman, appears to be nothing but supportive of his famous wife. Anne is equally as smitten, saying in an interview, - When we got married I thought it was a great party, but I honestly thought we were doing it more for tradition and I wasn't prepared for the radical shift my heart was going to have.?

Anne's latest coup has to be her attempt at lip syncing Miley Cyrus? Wrecking Ball. The 32-year-old actress looks like she enjoyed the performance. She's got her short hair slicked back and tackles that wrecking ball swing like the Academy Award-winning professional she is. And we can't think of an actress who pulls off a red lip better than Anne. The clip below is just a preview of the full event, which will be broadcast in the coming days. We'll be glued to Youtube in the meantime.


Daily Mail

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