Anne Hathaway Talks Amal Clooney Comparison

Though many people consider?Anne Hathaway to be a bit of a Marmite celebrity - let's face it, we squirm any time she collects an award on stage and instantly bursts into tears - turns out, she was incredibly flattered by the media's comparison of her with?Amal Clooney. We would be too. You might expect her to find the whole thing annoying, but Anne reckons she'll be doing well if she becomes half the woman that Amal is. Sweet, right?

During an interview to promote her latest movie Song One, the actress had the best response to the celebrity doppelganger buzz. As the Huff Post tells us, this is a surefire lesson in how to take a compliment.

"I've never heard that! Thank you," Anne Hathaway told "Extra."That's like so gonna be the best thing to happen to me today... I hope that I become half the woman she is. She's so accomplished and it's so thrilling to look at someone and be like, ?Wow. You really are making the world a better place.'" said the Interstellar star.



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