Update: Anne Hathaway Responds To The J-Law Phone Incident

UPDATE: Following the internet backlash directed at Jennifer Lawrence earlier this week for?none-too-kindly calling out a reporter for supposedly using his phone while trying to interview her, fellow actress Anne Hathaway has come to her defence via social media, which is an unusual move for the private star.

However, Hathaway clearly?felt strong enough about the matter to made a valid point, insisting it wasn't right to "build a woman up, only to tear her down" if she made an error - only she insisted that the reporter in question was indeed trying to take Lawrence's picture. The jury's still out on that one as many claim he was merely ensuring he had the correct translation of his question. Either way, did it really warrant the fuss it caused? Rightly or wrongly, Lawrence's words were still valid as the excessive use of phones in this day and age has gone beyond a joke.

?Let's not continue the sad but common practice of building people - especially women - up just to viciously tear them down when we perceive them to have misstepped,? she wrote this evening on her verified Facebook page.


Dear the Internet,It's become pretty clear that the Jennifer Lawrence "scolding" was taken out of context and that she...

Posted by Anne Hathaway on?Friday, 15 January 2016

Hathaway, who is pregnant with her first child, is perhaps the ideal woman to respond to the online masses as she is frequently subjected to similar critique. The Les Miserables star gets an awful lot of hate, and we're not sure why, as we love her. But for years, it was popular to call her a rake of words synonymous with the word annoying,?which we found downright rude and very unfair.

And her words ring true; perhaps everyone needs to lighten up and not be so quick to judge others (especially women) who may slip up, as we all will?at one point or another.

Nevertheless, it's great to see Hathaway in J-Law's ?corner; women in the industry have a tough time as it is, so if?females?are focused on supporting?each other as much as possible, it will undoubtedly'make the battle for equality that bit easier.

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11/3/16: Given that she's quite possibly the most famous actress in the world, it's probably for the best that Jennifer Lawrence isn't hugely active on social media.

She won big at last night's Golden Globes, taking home a Best Actress gong for her role in Joy, but she apparently wasn't all sweetness and light in the winners room. She was answering a question about her Oscar nomination potential when she interrupted a reporter to call him out for using his phone - and some people think she wasn't just her usual quirky self. They think she was really snarky.


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?You can't live your whole life behind your phone, bro,? she said, wagging her finger. ?You can't do that. You have to live in the now.?

The social media world responded in kind, with some calling the actress out for being rude - some outlets suggested that the reporter wasn't a native English speaker and was using his phone to?translate the question correctly - while others insisted she did the right thing as he was focused on trying to take her picture.

The tiny clip segment has exploded online over the last couple of hours.

We're inclined to agree with the star. We all know we spend far too much time on our phones, and this can have detrimental effects on our health, so it's good advice to put those phones down and live in the now.

See it for yourself to judge appropriately:


Imagine being scolded by Lawrence though. We're morto for him.

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