Anne Hathaway Is Pregnant

You see, 2015 isn't just about breaking up; celebrities can also share momentous happy news such as announcing the decision to expand their family.

On that subject, the latest public figure to jump on the baby bandwagon is none other than the talented Anne Hathaway, according to reports. As well as starring in one of the most underrated movie gems of all time, The Princess Diaries, she is also a style crush of ours, just FYI.

According to E! News and multiple sources, Anne Hathaway and husband Adam Shulman are expecting their first child.

?Anne is in her second trimester and feeling great,? a source said. The star was snapped out-and-about this week sporting what appeared to be a prominent baby bump, so it looks to be legitimate news.

Hathaway, 33, and Shulman, 34, married in September 2012, after four years of dating.


The Intern star has been vocal about her desire to have children in the past.

?I'll start with one healthy kid, but I'd like to have a few naturally and adopt. I got to get on it, you know?? she told The Telegraph last year. ?I'd like to have as many as I can afford, not just financially but in terms of time because you want to make sure each one feels special.?

?I want to be a mother, and I anticipate loving my children quite fiercely,? Hathaway added.

Her maternal instincts have always been there, and she said they reached a peak when she sat at an awards show with actresses who all had children bar her. "I'm the only one here who's not a mother. I hope to join the ranks soon," she said back in 2012 .

?I think about it all the time, though it's a silly thing to think about because the kind of mother I'll be depends on the kind of children I have. I can't wait to meet them.?

While Hathaway hasn't confirmed her pregnancy herself yet, if snaps of her growing bump are anything to go by, it's only a matter of time.

Congratulations to them both.


Via E! News

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