Anna Kendrick Is Writing A Book

Pitch Perfect and Into the Woods star Anna Kendrick is adding yet another line to her packed CV. The actress and singer is set to write a book.

Earlier this week The Hollywood Reporter announced that Kendrick was to publish a "collection of humorous autobiographical essays" with publishing house Touchstone. The not-exactly-a-memoir will cover topics such as Kendrick's childhood in Maine to the madness of the movie industry. "I'm excited to publish my first book, and because I get uncomfortable when people have high expectations, I'd like to use this opportunity to showcase my ineptitude, pettiness and the frequency with which I embarrass myself,? said Kendrick in a statement.

Kendrick sounds like she's not afraid to share - which is always a good indicator for a book of personal essays.

While Kendrick is self-deprecating at times, we like the confidence she's showcasing in relation to this literary endeavour. "And while many of my female inspirations who have become authors are incredibly well-educated and accomplished comedy writers, I'm very, very funny on Twitter, according to BuzzFeed and my mom, so I feel like this is a great idea,? she said.


We feel so too. In fact, the Up in the Air actress? Twitter is one of the main reasons we love her so. (See four others in our article explaining why she's our gal pal crush.)

However, we sense that Kendrick may feel a little bit comfortable with an editor on speed dial for grammar queries. As she said in her statement, ?Quick question: are run-on sentences still frowned upon? Wait, is ending a sentence with a preposition still frowned upon? I mean, upon frowned? Dammit!"

The book is due to hit bookshelves and Kindles this Autumn. Are you excited to read it? Or does the impending release of Pitch Perfect 2 take excitement level precedence?

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