Andrea Horan

Andrea Horan. Tropical Popical's front woman is one of the coolest chicks in town, a veritable dynamo. We love her get-up-and-go.

Get Up:?I'm usually woken by my dog, Russo, at around 7.30 who is dying to get up to a bit of mischief. As soon as I have him sorted and I've checked in on the online world, we both have a nap till about 10am.? I was late every single day when I worked in Thinkhouse, it's my worst trait, so now it's nice not to have to get up at a particular time.? It's my favourite thing about working for myself.

Get Dressed:?Possibly due to my terrible memory or maybe I'm just a really visual person (reality- I'm just really lazy), but I usually put on whatever is closest to hand. I took the doors off my wardrobe so I'd be able to see everything otherwise I'd end up wearing the same 5 things over and over again. Nearly everything I own is a dress or a skirt so before I get dressed I'll reach for the Sally Hansen (I hate wearing tights). That was probably one of my favourite things about travelling - just being able to throw on a skirt with my constantly bronzed pins.

I got in trouble with my sister recently for resorting to tracksuit bottoms on a daily basis when I was working at home all day and wouldn't get dressed properly till the evening.? That's all stopped now as I've purposefully started arranging meetings for the morning time.

Get Going:?I usually take the dog for a walk before I get settled down to work and grab some veg for my morning juice on the way. My current favourite is celery, cucumber, apple, spinach and ginger. I love coffee but it makes me yearn for Nutella on those hard toast things in Italy so I stick to the juicing.


Get Working:?I do all the social media for Trop Pop so even though I may not sit down at my desk till 11, I'll already have checked and responded to our Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Yelp & Foursquare when I woke up. I'll respond to all my emails and deal with whatever they throw up. My sister Michelle looks after the day to day running of Tropical Popical and I cover her day off every week but the rest of the time I'll deal with any events or collaborations we're doing, all the marketing if you will and all the boring ?paperwork?. Also, I'm always looking at what we can add to Tropical Popical so I'll be working on things like the upcoming Disco Bar that's we're hoping will launch before the month is out and how our pop-up in Crackbird can evolve. I'm all about things constantly evolving.

I also have a few more (top secret!) things that I'm working on that take up my time. I'll have a lunchtime Google Hangout with Matt in Canada who I used to do Dublin Streets with. We're working on a new project that we're hoping to launch soon. Not to sound like a granny but technology makes it so deadly that we're able to live in different countries and still be able to work on projects together.

Get Out:?I've really started to believe in the work ethic of working really hard when you're in the mood and then getting out and doing stuff and seeing people when you're not feeling it. Convenient, eh? I think it allows for more creativity and is a natural way of living your life that just makes sense. My biggest fear is turning into a drone who sits with their head stuck in a computer all day, not talking to anyone, basically not living life! So I'll always make an effort to go for lunch, call into a friend, go to a museum or at the very least I'll stroll into Trop Pop and see how things are going.

Get home:?I usually head out most evenings; either for dinner with pals, Cinema Club once a week - the usual. If I'm not out, we'll have friends over for movies and chats. Our house just ended up being base camp for hanging out. As much as I go on about loving being on my own, I love company more so am happy to have people over all the time. I'm also pretty lazy and hate going to other people's houses.

I can't live without:??5 million conditioners & treatments for my bleached hair in my bathroom and sunglasses i my bag. I always have to have a pair. My two favourite pairs came from H&M collaborations, the Lanvin ones and the Anna Dello Russo ones.

Fave Food: ?Anything Italian. My favourite lunch is a caprese and if I'm really in the zone, and for a special occasion, I love to make Porchetta.

My desert island beauty product:?Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment or VO5 Plump It Up.? I'm all about the hair.


My guilty pleasure:?Some may say my Dynasty obsession is a guilty pleasure. I wouldn't. Monart or The Shelbourne Spa - I always end up spending way too much.

What people don't know about me is:?That I'm going back to college to study psychology in September.

My song of the moment:?Sky Ferreira - Everything is Embarassing (Krystal Klear Remix)

My favourite book:?I love all those little white books that have advice from creatives with short anecdotes to illustrate them like ?Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite?; ?It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be?; ?Damn Good Advice (For People With Talent)?.? They always get me revved up to make or do something. I'd like to write one myself one day. Maybe when I have a psychology qualification, people will listen to me!

My perfume:?Dior Addict was my signature scent for the last 10 years but I've recently started wearing Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir. I keep getting asked to change back to Addict though.

My body lotion:?Kiehls Fig Leaf & Sage at the moment. It's handy as I don't have to try and scoop it out of a tub with my talons. Basically my criteria for beauty products at the moment is bottles not tubs, so it doesn't get stuck under my nails.

If I wasn't doing this, I'd be doing:?Well, I never thought I'd own a nail bar, so who knows? My dream is to open a Tropical Popical hotel in Italy. Watch this space.



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