Amy Winehouse Foundation To Open Female-Only Addiction Centre

The Amy Winehouse Foundation is set to open a second charity which will be dedicated to helping women with substance addiction. ?Amy's Place? is set to officially open on August 22nd, and, in essence, will be a 'safe house? for British women fighting addiction.?

The house will act as a bridge for women leaving addiction clinics and looking for independent living accommodation, which will provide 12 self-contained apartments in a safe environment. Activities like yoga and reiki will also be available, and it's hoped that the new centre can help these women to achieve employment when the time is right.

Based in East London, Amy's Place came about through the lack of female-only treatment centres around the UK, and will be one of only six female-friendly addiction treatment centres in the UK; a stifling fact considering drug research tells us that women recover better when surrounded by other women. If female-only rehab clinics are proven to be more efficient for addicts, why isn't there more of them available? An estimated 31% of the UK population actively using drugs, with 23% of those using drugs on a daily basis. Similarly, there are only a handful of female-only treatment centres available here, and there is currently only one mother and child rehabilitation service in the country.


It has been five years since Winehouse's untimely death following alcohol poisoning at the tender age of 27. Even though it was tragic and unforgiving, Amy's death brought the crisis of drug and substance addiction among young women?to the forefront of public consciousness.

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