Amy Huberman Pens New Screenplay

Fresh from the birth of her second child Billy last November, actress and super woman Amy Huberman has thrown herself into writing a new screenplay for her film Bolt.

And when she's not doing that, she's busy being brilliant on Twitter.

amy huberman

The star also aims to take the lead role in the female-led romantic comedy, which is based on her second novel I Wished For You.

The novel is based on a female character with commitment issues that Amy details she based on herself.


amy huberman

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Speaking at the Irish Film Board 2015 launch, the Threesome star looked stunning as always in a simple blue shirt, black jumper and black jeans combo. Amy?explained at the press conference how her pregnancy allowed her the opportunity to throw herself into her new writing project:

"It was lucky during the summer when I was pregnant, I was able to write because I knew that I'd be limited in what other things I could do.?

And don't expect any of the usual male-obsessed damsels in distress we usually see in rom-coms: "My goal was to write really strong female characters and that's at the heart of it."

So, who's buying the popcorn?



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