Amy Huberman: 'I’ve learned that we are resilient, despite the wobbles we feel'

We asked influential Irish women around the world what they have learned since the pandemic began. Here, Amy Huberman explains why busy is great but a constant noise can be draining

I’ve learned to try to be more patient.

I’ve realised control is a big thing in my life and maybe that stems from a job that’s precarious with no road map. But this thing has forced everything extrinsic to feel both intrinsic and something completely ‘other’ at the same time.

The enormity of it all versus the tiny small things we can do. The lack of control. The hamsters going around our little brain wheels. The scaled back routines. The ‘now’. I’ve always said I wanted to live more in the now, to be more present. I have never felt more present, even though it all feels like it has come at such a high price.


I can’t really look back as the collective weight of the last few weeks feels so heavy, and looking forward feels somewhat foggy; intangible. (However, looking forward a little bit past the next few weeks does get me through!) But every day is just today; living the day, trying to get the best out of the day, or just getting through the day.

I appreciate how lucky we are being warm and safe and well. I feel so much gratitude to others risking so much for all of us. I’ve definitely learned that less is often more. Busy, busy, busy is great but a constant noise can be draining. And that we are all so connected by collective fear, yet hope for better days.

I’ve learned that we are resilient, despite the wobbles we feel.

I appreciate the sunshine. My kids laughing. My parent's voices on the phone. I’ve never looked at flowers growing in gardens, or blossoms burgeoning on trees more in my life. Small acts of kindness are huge. Laughing as a distraction is a balm for the soul. I miss the energy of a group of friends making each other laugh, the ripple of a joke. I miss the shared experience of company. I miss people watching in busy streets in a coffee shop and the freedom. But I’ve learned that we are resilient, despite the wobbles we feel.

And perhaps even though we feel in so many ways so disconnected, there is also such an overwhelming feeling that we can only all get through this together. That we are all feeling this smorgasbord of emotions together.

And I guess I’ve learned I still can’t bake. But that if you are going to make banana bread, do let it cool out of the oven before you attempt to take it out of the baking tin or else it’s just going to fall apart.

Perhaps like the baker. On a bad day. But the bad days do give way to the good days too.


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