Amy Huberman

Her twitter is compulsive reading (and laughing), she shone in Threesome and The Clinic, she's married to that sporty fella and somehow managed to produce a divine baby and a few books, no probs. Sure, she rocked the IFTAs in between feeds. Girl crush doesn't begin to describe it.

What's your earliest, most significant memory of yourself that you feel has shaped the way you've turned out to be? My brothers and I were always making dens out of cardboard boxes, duvets and old sheets. They'd be littered with toys and teddies, making up whatever world we had decided to create that day. I've always had a pretty active imagination and I suppose that trickled into storytelling.

Who, internationally, did you look to growing up? As a kid, I was completely in love with Kylie Minogue. She did it all, from acting and singing to making big, bold and (in retrospect) very dubious fashion statements. Alongside all of that, she always came across as a really nice person.

What woman in your life has inspired? It would have to be my mother. I don't have any sisters, so she has always been the most influential woman in my life. I've always sought her approval and still do to this day. She's taught me so much about the importance of family, sincerity, loyalty and love.


What is your mantra for life? Quit worrying about other people's impossibly perfect lives and get on with living your own fabulously dysfunctional one.

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