Amputee Rottweiler Walks Again

This Monday morning we're thrilled to read of a quadruple amputee Rottweiler, who has just learned to walk on all four of his prosthetic legs. As Louis Armstrong might chime in, 'oh, what a wonderful world.' A couple of years back this would never have been possible, but with advances in technology, two-year-old Brutus whose four paws had developed frostbite, may go on to live a fulfilled life.

Brutus' new owner Laura Aquilina has reportedly spent the last number of months gently easing her beloved adopted pooch into his new way of life after his original breeder was said to have botched an attempted amputation.

?He's able to walk in them. It's not always pretty. We want to be able to give him a higher function, where he can run and play with other dogs, go on hikes. If he ended up in a shelter, they'd say he was unadoptable because he's missing his feet. I think it's good for people to know we can work with animals like this."

It'll be a long road to chasing other dogs around, but Laura's determined that Brutus will get there. Soon, Brutus is scheduled to start physical therapy in Fort Collins at CSU's Veterinary Teaching Hospital.


You'll get there Brutus!

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