Irish Men Declared Sexiest in the World

While we wait for the ecnomic shadow of doom to be declared banished from these shores, we'll take whatever good news us gaels can get. This week? It turns out that American women think our Irish men are the sexiest of all the nationalities.

The website Miss Travel surveyed over 66,000 women and found that Irish men came ahead of Australians and Scottish guys. Miss Travel put this Irish victory down to our handsome thespian output, and a certain Mr. Jamie Dornan and his fifty shades of a bland attempt at a Pacific Northwest accent. With Colin Farrell about to take on the True Detective mantle, this leprechaun loving can only grow stronger.

Here's the full list. It looks like an alright World Cup if we're being honest.

1. Irish

2. Australian


3. Pakistani

4. American

5. English

6. Scottish


8. Nigerian

9. Danish


10. Spanish

Miss Travel

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