Amanda Seyfried Talks About Her Anxiety

Mamma Mia actress Amanda Seyfried has opened up about her lifelong battle with anxiety, in an interview with US Vogue.

The actress spoke about her latest role in a play, The Way We Get By, where she plays a guest who gets drunk at a wedding and has an impromptu hook-up. It's Seyfried's first time starring in an off-Broadway production, she's better known for her film work. She says of the pressure: ?There's a layer of insecurity that this brings out, of course, but I am trying to throw it away. Although I can't, really, because insecurity, a little bit of it, is always important for any actor.?

The 29-year-old also spoke about how she sought counselling in the past for anxiety issues. She appeared on David Letterman's talk show in 2012 as part of a promotional tour for Les Miserables and had done shots of Jameson before going on air in a bid to conquer her fears. While it was fun at the time, the aftermath and headlines were not so much. ?It made it fun for me, but then I watched it and was like ?That is not what I want to promote about myself,?? she said.

Seyfriend sought out a specialist to talk about how anxiety was affecting her, telling the magazine: ?I have a lot of anxiety that I've been struggling with my whole life,? she says. ?So I have been working through it. I'm terrified, but this is exactly what I wanted.?


It's refreshing to see an actress of Seyfried's profile talk about taking care of her mental health. It puts a relatable and human face to a struggle many people try to hide. Emma Stone is another young Hollywood star who isn't afraid to talk about her insecurities. In a recent interview the Crazy Stupid Love actress said that she was afraid to try out-of-the-ordinary roles for some time, but eventually signed up for Cabaret on Broadway, ?I think I was really scared of that for a long time. And if something was really challenging, I thought that I was just going to fall on my face and embarrass myself. I'm just less scared of that now; of failing.?


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