Amal Clooney's New Job Makes Us Jealous

Think back to those days when you were in full-time education. Was there a teacher who you still recall with twinges of inspirational fondness? Have you successfully added them on Facebook, with dreams of developing a very grown up relationship, only to garner the occasional like for the odd funny meme you post?

Well, students at Columbia University in New York are going to experience such emotions on a very large scale, because Amal Clooney has announced she's stepping up to be a guest lecturer in the law school. Maybe her new location will help Anna Wintour's attempts to put Amal on the cover of Vogue?

Amal will lecture first year students in Human Rights, her speciality. In recent years Amal has worked with Julian Assange and Al Jazeera journailsts detained in Egypt. She also recently accepted the brief for the Hooded Man case, a legal battle that may rewrite international torture law and bring justice to Irish men mistreated by the British Army during The Troubles. Amal's passion for her career refelects many of the interests of her husband, George Clooney, who is a passionate campaigner for the people of Darfur who have been suffering the consequences of decades-long civil war in Sudan.


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