Alternative, chilled & fun things to do in Dublin that attract sound people

How often do you find yourself wishing there were more fun, different things to do in Dublin?

Because really and truly, what is there to do if you don’t want to go on a mad night out, but you don’t want to stay in either? You’re not quite old enough for senior citizens' movie clubs, but your days of downing shots on Student Tuesdays are long gone...

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It’s a good thing you came this way, because we've found seven things to do in Dublin that are precisely what you’re looking for.

Ranging from quirky cooking classes to podcast evenings, below are the kind of activities that are as fun to try with friends as they are to do solo. Talking from experience, these gatherings always seem to attract sound buzzers who enjoy the odd glass of prosecco as much as they do a splash of painting in the evening (or indeed a groovy stretch on a weekend morning)...


So what are you waiting for? Get amongst the good vibes and try something different in Dublin this week.

Painting evenings

There’s been a growing trend in events allowing attendees to get creative whilst enjoying a cheeky mid-week tipple, and we are here for it. The two groups that we have joined of late are Paint & Prosecco (in The Jar on Camden Street) and Paint Club (in House on Leeson Street). Both feature a welcoming atmosphere for painting newbies and maestros alike to create something special. No experience needed, just be sure to book your ticket well in advance, as both events tend to book up fast.

Image via Paint & Prosecco Instagram

Reggae Yoga

The Bernard Shaw is one of Dublin’s trendiest watering holes, and now the team are extending their offering of DJ nights and themed festivals to more “alternative” daytime events. Reggae Yoga is one such offering, which promises a “twist” on the usual sun salutation session. This comes thanks to the accompanying Sim Simma DJ, who will play sweet reggae music as you engage in some downward dogs (and maybe even some freestyle dancing, if you feel so inclined).


The Fumbally Stables

The Fumbally Stables is home to a quirky collective of grassroots go-getters who organise a constant stream of events in Dublin’s city centre on a monthly basis. Everything from yoga and dance classes; cooking and bread making workshops, and even public talks about all kinds of fascinating topics take place here. What’s more, you’re always sure to meet really nice people at these events, so don’t worry about going solo.

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Taking place in our official clubhouse in Luna restaurant, the IMAGE PodClub provides a space where podcast lovers can come together to chat about their favourite podcasts, explore the issues raised, and generally enjoy the same fun of a book club (but, for podcasts). Every month will follow a theme, such as “True Crime”, “Comedy”, “Parenting” etc., and guests will be treated to drinks and nibbles to fuel the chats around these topics.

Keep an eye out for future PodClub events by signing up to our newsletter here.


Pinocchio cooking classes

If you want a cookery class with a twist, then allow us to guide you towards one of the various day-courses in Pinocchio, located in Dublin’s Temple Bar. Not only will you be schooled on the most delicious delicacies Italy has to offer, but you can expect a whole load of wine, and lots of laughs too. The Pinocchio teachers are nothing short of hilarious, so you’re in for a very merry day indeed.

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Galz Gone Wild

Between their hikes, camping adventures, monthly morning meet-ups and clothes swap events in between, the Galz Gone Wild crew seem hell-bent on filling our lives with something fun and different on a rolling basis. Run by the vivacious Melissa McDermott, she’s got endless supply of ideas up her sleeve for future social gatherings, so definitely watch this space.


Casual Choir

Casual Choir was born out of a demand for a more informal choir in Dublin, and this one doesn’t require any commitment at all. There are no auditions, no sheet music, no concerts here, just a fortnightly session lead by Róisín Savage with a few harmonies thrown in along the way… It’s as casual as that!

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