It's almost the Bank Holiday! Here's your 'what's on' guide to this weekend

While the likes of London and Paris shot up to over 40 degrees this week, the most intense heatwave maybe ever missed Ireland by a margin — all we've got is humidity and a bit of rain. But what else is new, right? And why should that stop us from having a great weekend? Remember, just one more to go til our last long weekend for while — soak up the summer while you can. Happy weekend from IMAGE!

All weekend: Bring the kid's to the IFI's Family Festival

IFI Family festImage: IFI

Bring the kids around the world without leaving the cinema this weekend at the IFI Family Festival, which features gorgeous movies from Japan, India, Australia and more. The theme this year is a children's movies favourite; the idea of finding your own way against family traditions. While you should always remember where you came from, it's important to spread your wings and find your own identity too — life lessons for the price of a cinema ticket, eh? Check out their full schedule here.

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Saturday: Break Free at the Happening's screening of Bohemian Rhapsody

Image: 20th Century Fox

One of the breakout films of last year (winning a rake of Oscars while we're at it) Bohemian Rhapsody achieves perhaps its highest accolade yet this weekend — being featured on the big screen at Dublin's Happenings outdoor cinema. Head to Merrion Square at 8 pm to catch the stunning depiction of the life of Freddy Mercury, with plenty of food traders to offer the snacks — and all for just a fiver.


Sunday: Find some gems at the Dublin Flea Market

Image: Dublin Flea via Facebook

There's been some doom and gloom around Dublin's grassroots arts scene this week, with both Oktoberfest and the Christmas Dublin Flea succumbing to rising costs, but all the more reason to support Irish business while you can. At the Digital Hub from 11am, you can find a whole host of treasures from some of the city's best and brightest sellers — from vintage clothing and jewellery to the best hidden music gems around. You can also consider it your weekly sustainable wake-up call — buying locally and second-hand is something we all need to do more of.

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