All We Want For Christmas Is...

When gifting at Christmas, the aim is that, upon opening the wrapping paper, your giftee’s face will be merry and bright, not scary and uptight...  And let’s face it, there’s nothing more terrifying than the look of open disappointment when they catch sight of whatever it is that you’ve given them.

The team here at IMAGE has listed out the one present they really want for Christmas this year. Hopefully, it’ll give you some inspo if you’re currently trying to rack your brain for a gift idea that’ll give the receiver a very merry Christmas indeed.

Laura George (Director)

"This simple leather carry-strap is technically for yoga but I'm also picturing using it to carry my beach blanket down to a quiet cove on a Greek Island next summer." 



Rosie McMeel (Image Magazine Editor)

"This year, I'm looking forward to putting my feet up, so there's really only one item on my Christmas list. The James Carroll Sheepskin Stool, €295 from Makers & Brothers. If I'm honest, I've had my eye on this furry beauty for quite some time. Made with very special Irish materials, James has an intuitive feel for seeing the potential beauty in each branch, and brings out the best in his timber, all of which is locally sourced using traditional Irish craft skills. I love that due to the nature of James' process no two stools are ever alike. Investing in Irish products is so important and Makers & Brothers curate some incredibly special pieces and showcase the very best of Irish design."



Geraldine Carton  (Intern)

"I’d adore a new phone for Christmas this year, as my own one is pretty banjaxed. However I’m not confident that anyone is going to fork out that amount of cash on a gift, so a close #2 on my list would be a good quality 2018 diary. Ideally a leather one. The Marvel Room in Brown Thomas has some gorgeous diaries, but this pale pink one by SMYTHSON is exactly what I have in mind…"

Melanie Mullan (Cara Magazine Deputy Editor)

"I moved house earlier this year and my piano has been sitting in the corner unplayed ever since because I haven't got a stool for it. These velour chairs from Sostrene Grene are so elegant and I love the range of colours. Having one in my room will definitely make sure the keys are played that bit more often ... Provided I don't get into the habit of using it as a dumping ground!"


Jade Hanley (Intern)

"For Christmas, I would love the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Ice Blue Instant Camera. I’ve always wanted a Polaroid camera, but I’ve never gotten around to actually buying one myself. I love that the camera prints out your photos instantly, so it’s perfect for Christmas time surrounded by family and friends. When I was younger I used to make a lot of picture and art collages, and I think with this camera it’ll be the perfect excuse to start again." 




Luise O'Dwyer (Imagine Events Intern)

"I am a knitting virgin and it is a skill I have always been so envious of. I have also come to discover, all people that can knit make it look so effortless! This Lauren Aston 'Knit Kit' is essentially a knitting set for dummies that produces a beautiful Super Chunky knit blanket, that would look fabulous anywhere in the home. When placing your order you have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of size and colours. The pack includes everything you need to get started and learn how to knit with giant needles. Lauren Aston also has a wonderful Youtube channel that has numerous really helpful step-by-step knitting videos. I can't think of a better set-up over the Christmas, than sitting on my couch with the fire on, a Netflix series and getting my knit on!"

Niamh O’Donoghue ( Content Creator & Digital Marketing Exec)


"This Christmas I'm gifting myself a pair of these Nike Sportswear Air Vapormax Flyknits from I think every woman-on-the-go needs a sturdy pair of trainers in her arsenal so that she can go all day long (and be pain-free!) I love the neutral and chrome colour-way too which will complement almost any outfit and colour combination."


David Winn ( Video Intern)

"Despite my lack of balance I would really love to get this Hoverboard from Argos for Christmas. As well as being able to zip around like Marty McFly it'd be really useful for super smooth tracking shoots when I'm shooting videos!"



Holly O'Neill (Beauty Editor)

"All I want for Christmas is this Beyonce tree topper. Or the Hilary one. Or the Serena Williams one. They are created by Women To Look Up To, a non-profit organization that reinvests profit to social projects and female equality. And I need them. All of them."


Jennifer McShane (Senior Staff Writer)

The IMAGE crew surely want to disown me, such is the amount of time I've spent forcing them to hear about Twin Peaks. The third season aired this year and after all the 2 am binge-fests, the complete series is finally available to buy on DVD/Blu Ray - with eight hours of bonus content for fans to obsess over.  It was considered groundbreaking TV and topped many best-of lists, trust me, it's so wonderful and strange, you'd have to see it to believe it.  Yes, there's the odder moments - a five minute shot of a guy doing nothing but sweeping the floor - but as it was 25 years ago, the ending will leave you dumbfounded.  Worth staying in for.

Main Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash




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