All for One, and Fun for All

All for One, and Fun for All

Have your wedding voted 'most likely to be'remembered as the most craic EVER!? with these fantastically fun ideas for your special day. We've all been to those weddings where those unavoidable, tediously trite conversations with your uncle's second cousin's son - you know, the one you met that one summer when you were four in Wexford - has you dozing into your dinner gravy is never an acceptable accessory. These situations can be easily avoided using this clever guide. And remember, all's fair in love and war, except when there's a wedding cake pi?ata involved.

You've already opened a joint account with your partner; why not impart some valuable financial advice onto your friends and family? Gather some mason jars and encourage your guests to invest wisely into the next big thing, your honeymoon. By throwing in some of their unwanted coppers (and notes when they get a little tipsy) your guests will unwittingly treat you to an extra special honeymoon dinner.


Distract hungry guests at the dinner table with some brain food. No, not fish. Instead a crossword (with answers based on the hopefully non-cryptic couple) ready to devour, at each seat. A mild injection of intellect never hurt anyone.

Put the fate of your first few dates as man and wife in the hands of friends and family and have a ?Date Jar? at your reception. This is a great way to jump out of your comfort zone. Couples skydiving anyone?

Guest books are a lovely way to look back on your wedding by reading all the well wishes from your guests, but sometimes something old needs a new twist. If you love stationary as much as much as we do at BASH HQ then this ?Leave us a note? envelope wall is the perfect excuse to blow your budget on some luxurious stationary. Expenses like this is where the honeymoon fund comes in handy.

Finally, have some sparklers at the ready for the end of the evening to bring some extra sparkle to festivities. Sparklers mean instant nostalgia, FACT! You loved them as a child on Halloween nigh so why not enjoy them as an adult at your wedding?

There you have it, just a few of our favourite ideas to evoke fun, laughter and spontaneity - just like your first date.


For more ideas take a look at what BASH have been pinning on Pinterest and pick up a copy of BASH Volume Five on shelves now.

Zara Hedderman

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