Aldi Fulfils All Your Copper Kitchen Dreams

Aldi are really kicking their kitchen game up a notch. Ready to welcome chatty dinner guests into the kitchen as you prepare the evening's meal, Aldi's beautiful new copper pot range will have everyone distractedly cooing over them while you sneakily reheat a Listons soup to fob off as your own.

There's a reason chefs swear by their copper cookware – copper makes for the ideal heat conductor, spreading heat evenly across ingredients and preventing the burn spots typical with other metal cookware, and it's also got excellent antibacterial properties.

Here's a sneak peek of their new premium range of copper-hued kitchen pots and utensils, which lands in ALDI stores nationwide on Thursday, November 23.

Large Tri-Ply Copper Saute Pan, €44.99



Copper Stove Kettle, €22.99

Small Tri-Ply Copper Pan, €24.99

The range of tri-ply copper pots, pans and woks come in a selection of sizes will be available starting at €24.99 for small, €34.99 for medium and large sizes are €44.99. We're particularly partial to this lip-spout option above – ideal for soups and sauces.

There's also a very sweet stove kettle with a traditional stainless steel whistle that we don't really need but desperately want.

On top of all the handy, utilitarian copper items, ALDI are also adding some panache to your kitchen with a collection of gadgets in a copper finish. Choose from a cork screw, garlic press, peeler, ice cream scoop or can opener, all €2.99 each. There's even a nut cracker to put you in a rose gold-hued Christmas spirit!


Now where did we leave those chestnuts roasting...

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