Alannah Sparks

Alannah Sparks is a freelance fashion writer who conributes to Elle. "I'm just back from covering the shows in London, Paris and Milan, where I worked with an Irish girl who found me on LinkedIn and had no idea I was Irish until she offered me the contract. Meeting Irish people who work in fashion is always a bit of a thrill."

"You very quickly become a Londoner, simply by being part of ths huge metropolis," she says. "The only time I am acutely aware of being Irish is when my national colloquialisms slip out: 'Thanks a million' and 'your man' get a look of utter puzzlement. I live in Bow, where we have a Cockney rhyming slang bank machine on our road, and a septuagenarian next-door neighbour who used to hang out with the Krays."



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