Adele Makes A Seriously-Ill Irish Girl's Dream Come True

If you ever needed an?excuse to fall even more?in love with Adele, look no further. ?She may be an incredibly busy superstar, but she isn't going to let that stop her from being the soundest woman on the planet. As she starts her anticipated world tour in Belfast, the singer'surprised little Rebecca Gibney and her mum Tracy by popping in to see them.

Rebecca's mum had started a campaign last year in a bid to help her ill 12-year-old daughter meet her idol, and her dream came true today.

According to The Mirror,?Tracey said,?"I am in shock, I got my baby's dream to come true. She was so nice, she could not have been nicer.?Adele was sat beside her and she was talking to me and my other child, she was so nice to?Rebecca."

"I can not put it into words what it means," she said. She explained that her young daughter was bed-bound due to her illness (she has epilepsy and is also blind), which took a turn for the worst some years ago, and so, she made?it her mission that her daughter would get to meet her favourite singer.


"It all started months and months ago I set up the page for Rebecca to meet Adele. I got the manager's email and I emailed her four months ago and she said to leave it with her.?I was sitting in the hairdresser today and the manager called and said: 'Tracy it's Adele's manager. I am getting back to you because Adele has seen your Rebecca's pictures and she was very emotional and she wants to come and meet your daughter.'"

"It is unbelievable her dream has come true. Adele was just so nice."

We're crying happy tears.

The 27-year old has also done quite a few more good deeds in the last two days; she helped a couple arrange a proposal on stage in Belfast last night, and gave another fan tickets to her sold out show in Dublin on Saturday on Twitter.

We will never not love this woman.

Adele graces our shores this coming Friday and Saturday to play two concerts in the 3Arena.


Via The Mirror

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