A Simple Hack for a Longer Life

Do you lead a sedentary lifestyle? Even if you hit the gym thrice weekly or you walk to and from work every day, if you're sitting for several hours per day at your office desk, it's just not good. There have been countless studies that have proved that such sedentary behaviour can lead to all kinds of health complications, but what are we to do? Some wellness-focused companies have invested in standing desks, giving their staff the option of working on their feet for a portion of the day if they so choose. Of course, this might not be practical for all businesses and, unfortunately, science says this makes no difference if we're not actually moving around. Now, though, new research reckons it may have found the optimum solution, curbing our chances of developing anything from diabetes to heart disease and even early death.

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According to a new study from the American Society of Nephrology, walking for two minutes per hour has proved to be the most beneficial remedy. For this study, researchers examined health records and data from fitness trackers to compare the benefits of standing, walking, and jogging. As mentioned above, standing proved to have zero protective benefits when it comes to the aforementioned health risks. Jogging was a hard one to measure as few took regular jogs throughout the day. As for walking? Those who walked for two minutes per hour showed a 33% lower risk of death when compared with those who took no walking breaks.


So, walk little and often and live longer.?Certainly worth a try.



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