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'Is butter a carb?'

Unless you've avoided the internet entirely this year or you were unconscious on October 3rd, you'll be aware that this year marks the 10th anniversary (yes, we feel that old too) of cult hit Mean Girls.

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Yes, Mean Girls was the point at which all was right in the world of Lindsay Lohan, and then, it all went rather downhill. For Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried, however, it marked the beginning of their respectively illustrious careers, with both women now the go-to girls for many a leading role.

As for Gretchen Weiners? Well, she's probably still trying to make 'fetch' happen and living off the success of Toaster Strudle. And of course Tina Fey, the film's star and writer, has gone from strength to strength in the past ten years.


To celebrate this anniversary, the folk at Entertainment Weekly sought to round up the original cast members for a good ole chinwag on the film that regardless of whatever else they pursue, they'll always be asked about. You can read the full thing over yonder, but for now, here's a taster of how the cast are looking back on the flick that defined a generation and taught us many an important life lesson (such as the fact that ex-boyfriends are off limits. Why? Because...)


mean girls


On how Karen's future would have panned out, Seyfried muses: 'Karen would manage or own a store that sells really cool dog attire, like Swarovski dog collars and Halloween costumes for animals. She's probably really focused.'

On her casting as Regina George, the girl whose hair was so big it had to be full of secrets, Rachel McAdams recalls: 'Originally, I auditioned for Cady. Everyone was flipped around a little bit. I loved Regina'she seemed so deliciously wicked and borderline evil. I was quite a bit older at the time?I was, like, 24 or 25. Mark said, ?I see Cady a little bit younger, but I think it makes sense if Regina kind of grew up a little too fast.?'

On the production and the trends of the time, Lindsay jokes: 'I had been online trying to get pink Uggs because I had a pink pleated skirt in the scene where I fall into the garbage can. I was like, ?I need pink Uggs!? I mean, I was rhinestoning my phone at the time with Swarovski crystals. [Laughs] So it was somewhat Method.'


On the legacy of Glenn Cocco, Tina Fey reflects: 'I tried to use real names in writing because it's just easier. My older brother's good friend is Glenn Cocco. He's a film editor in Los Angeles, and I imagine it's a pain in the butt for him. Someone said to me you could buy a shirt at Target that says ?You go, Glenn Cocco!? That was unexpected.'

And what of the thing that all true fans long for? Could a sequel ever happen??Fey regrets not planning it in 2004. 'At the time we did want to start the conversation about the sequel, and for whatever reason I was like, ?No!!!?We shouldn't do that!? Now I look back and I'm like, ?Why?? But now, no?it's too late now.'

But is it? Is it really? If, we hope, there exists some higher, Mean Girls loving power, it just might happen.

Share your favourite Mean Girls quote below. And don't forget, you can't just ask people why they're white.


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