A Floral Backdrop for Crafty Brides

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Are you feeling crafty dear brides? We show you how to DIY a sweet, floral ceremony backdrop.

What are you making?
A sweet and romantic scene-setter

What will you need?
A wide selection of blooms in your chosen colour scheme
Washi tape in two colours

Here?s the how-to
1. Use two strips of tape to mark out the space you're decorating.


2. Trim your blooms to approximately 30cm each.

3. Using the lines as your guide, start from the bottom and use Washi tape to fix your bloom onto the wall.

4. Use a magazine or ruler to make sure the space between the rows stays even.

5. Alternate the Washi tape colours as you go along.


Photography: Nathalie Marquez Courtney nathalie.ie

Crafting: Nikki Doyle

Styling: Jennifer Stafford

Cakes by Kaleidoscope Bakery; Flowers by Daisy Lane; Paper from O?Sullivan Graphics; Washi tape from a selection at Daintree. With huge thanks to The Informal Florist for the use of her lovely studio.

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