A Fashion Director's Day In The Life Of The Volvo XC60

  • by IMAGE

Fashion director Marie Kelly takes the Volvo XC60 out on road (and shoot) for a day...

Getting from one destination to another is a big component of my daily life. As fashion director of IMAGE?Magazine, I'm frequently away from my desk and often in obscure locations for various events and editorial shoots. Luckily for me, on a recent shoot day, I had the opportunity?to test drive the new Volvo XC60.?It was like having?a portable office - comfortable, convenient, and easy to work from.

Before I leave the house each morning, especially when I'm heading off to a shoot, I make sure I'm well prepared for what the day may bring. Usually that involves overloading my (tiny!) car with fashion products, props and any other supplies that might be needed. It's a stressful way to start off what will be a long, busy day, as there's only so much space in my less-than-1 litre, 3-door car! But packing up the Volvo XC60 was made easy by?the roomy?boot and generous back seat. There was more than enough space?to store everything safely and securely.


Aesthetics are important to me. From clothes to my home and the car that I drive. The first thing I noticed when I sat inside the XC60 was the sleek design and the distinctly Swedish ambience of uncluttered calm. The driftwood dashboard and stitched leather seating oozes luxury, while the roof light, which extends the entire length of the cabin,?allowed in a flood of natural light making the cabin so?bright and airy - it made?the early start a lot more tolerable!

I get nervous if I'm not contactable from the moment I get on the road.?Once I connected my phone into the car's USB port,?the central display unit became an extension of my iPhone, while also charging it. The wifi and tethered internet provided a seamless and reliable connection, meaning I could stay in touch with my team both back at office and on-site.

Finding my way to a remote locations is something that fills me with dread (I have a terrible'sense of direction!), however with the sophisticated Sensus Navigation as my guide, driving on unknown roads was a far less stressful?experience. The heads-up display was a huge help, showing vital information on the lower part of the windscreen, such as changing speeds, and projecting?the figure to look like it was hovering in front of the car. It meant I could stay informed without ever having to take my eyes off the road. Plus?the Park Assist mechanism was a God send. Arriving at my destination was seamless, I got there in style; relaxed and ready to work.

And the day continued as it began - comfortable, efficient and calm, thanks to everything the Volvo XC60 had to offer. It was an absolute pleasure to be in the car, which is a first for me!



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