A Cadbury's Bar with EVERY Filling?

OH MY GOD. How is this only happening now? Chocolate lovers, brace yourselves. It's been reported that Cadbury's have only gone and created the most spectacular bar of all time, a bar comprised of several rows of chocolate squares, each one filled with the promise of a different signature filling.

We'll just leave that sit with you for a moment. And then you can dance like this in celebration.

It's actually so spectacular, they've gone and named it the 'Spectacular 7.' However, and we probably should have mentioned this at the outset, rumour has it it's an extremely limited edition and only 50 of these bars will be released (in America). So the chances of us getting our hands on one here in Ireland are pretty slim. Nevertheless, we're hoping that by writing this article, the folk at Cadbury's will hear our prayers and make our chocolate dreams come true.

Those 50 lucky individuals will find rows of Caramel, Oreo, Daim bar, Turkish Delight*, Whole Nut, Fruit & Nut, and the original Dairy Milk. How very Willy Wonka of them.


Sign below and we'll create a petition to have this released here in Ireland. Do it. Now!

*If, for the Irish release, you could go right ahead and do away with the Turkish Delight row, we'll love you forever. Perhaps, swap it for a Golden Crisp or Mint Crisp. Just a thought.



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