9 ways Contemporary Calligraphy will make your wedding beautiful

Anyone even a little bit obsessed with wedding trends will know that calligraphy is a big deal. Once you find a style that's sophisticated and personal to?you, it's the most gorgeous way to make your event your own, while achieving a genuinely on-trend, profesh-looking aesthetic. Just imagine how impressed your mates will be when you tell them you hand-scripted your invites or the place settings. And it's not that hard - the look is purposefully imperfect, so if you're not great a staying on the lines, you'll probably ace this - it just takes a bit of patience to learn the ropes... and the willingness to actually sit down, enjoy getting the pens out, and not take it all too seriously.

Here are 9 easy ways to?get wedding scripty...


1. Hand-script key words for?your invites; then either scan them into design software, like InDesign, to create your own suite?- or send them to a professional, who'll make them look truly?awesome.

2. Even that?plank of rotten plyboard you found in the shed can look super swanky when embellished with a few leaves and your own hand-painted welcome.


3. Monogram champagne glasses with your own names, those of your guests (though this might lead to long queues at the bar), or a selection of sweet/ funny words to get people chatting.


4. Cheap as chips, but oh so stylish - handmade brown card place names never get old.

5. Choose the best of your bottle collection upon which to write out some of your favourite lines of poetry... or jokes, to keep your guests entertained at the dinner table.

6. Smooth stones make another great canvas for any little words you please.


7. Surprise your other half with love letters written on wood, paper or cloth, dotted around the venue. This is also a gorgeous way to create a ceremony backdrop.


8. Create labels for your chairs by scanning your handiwork into a computer, blowing up the size and printing out on card (or sticking the paper to card, afterwards).

9. Go graphic with your style and'say something cute - everyone loves a giggle at the dessert table.

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Book your tickets for September's?BRIDEprep,?now, where?Creative?Event Stylist Jette Virdi will have even the most ham-fisted, scripting up a storm, before the day is out. We're very excited to have Jette on board for this event (she's one of our table style crushes; everything from her fresh take on food to her convivial table design ideas makes us want to move her in).
A little introduction to her love affair with contemporary calligraphy...

1. How did you get into?hand-scripting??I think it first started when I met Chelsea Petaja from Oh My Deer in the States. She is a super talented calligrapher and it got me hooked. Instagram really helps with my obsession and I started to try to imitate Chelsea and others ... I soon found my own style now and?I'm busy working on putting an font together that anyone will be able?to'download and use at home.

2. Do you use if, often, in your work??I'm lucky that my job allows me to use it a lot. When I'm food styling, I might add in a hand written recipe...?for events, I paint all my menus, write name cards?and any other pretty signage I can find a reason for.
3. What can contemporary calligraphy add to the feel of an event??I think that people often skip going into detail on things like name cards?and'menus;?quickly printing something on paper which generally ends up being quite far removed from the style of the event. And this seems such a shame, to me, when it's these little touches that your guests will notice most.
4. Isn't it just for arty types, or could anyone develop their own style??Calligraphy is definitely not for just arty types! I can't draw to save my life but I've always been a bit stationary addict and writing with pens is my preference. I make notes in notebooks rather than on my phone. Give it a go. Take a look through instagram to find some calligraphers and start off trying to imitate, you'll soon find your own style.

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