9 Gorgeous Bridesmaid Dresses You Can Buy On The Highstreet Now

So you're getting married. EEEEP! You've chosen your bridesmaids. Double EEEEP! But with so much expense elsewhere, from the food to the entertainment to the pretty pastel bunting you just know will complete your desired aesthetic, the costs are really starting to add up. With little room to maneuver - because you're not prepared to cut corners on anything, except maybe the cake because let's be honest, who even eats it? - it can often feel like something's gotta give. It doesn't have to; at least as far as your bridesmaids are concerned.

Answering the prayers of hard working brides the world over, the high street has finally copped on to the gap in the market for bridesmaid-appropriate dresses that don't cost the Earth. ASOS in particular has become a savior to many what with their dedicated wedding section. The thing is, even if you can stretch your budget, does it make sense to spend so much on something that will see the light of day only once? Sure, you want the photos to be nice, but if there's any dress you're going to prioritise on your wedding day, it will be your'dress. That being said, you don't have to compromise with donning your best pals and maid of honour in something hideous, below you'll find a gorgeous collection of totally affordable and totally appropriate bridesmaid dresses, sure to make your bridal party beam with joy on your most special day.


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