8 Refreshing Accounts To Follow If You're Sick Of Your Instagram Feed

I have many Insta-friends. They don't know me and I really don't know them but I feel as if I do. I know it's just the filters talking but as I scroll through their feeds daily, picture-perfect snapshots filling my screen, my self-esteem tends to plummet. You and I both know that Instagram isn't meant to be taken too seriously; it is not real life. It's a series of moments often painstakingly curated, resulting in beautiful fragments?of happiness - without context to any of them. But as I was wistfully scrolling at the weekend, I had to stop. Every well-intended person I followed looked better, thinner, happier, prettier than I felt. It's not their fault; it's mine.

I realised I follow most people because I aspire to be like them, in life or at work but far from being a good thing, this had reached toxic levels. I wasn't like them so I felt grossly?inadequate - mainly because I feel I should be doing more to achieve?greater levels of success in my career and also because I'd rather die than have my daily meals all based around a salad.?I had to do something before their green teas and verified accounts did me in.

Solution: I cleaned out my 'following' feed and instantly felt better, even though my mother warned me early on that there would always be someone out there, better than me and I, the adult, already know and accept this. ?I sought Instagram accounts that made me feel good, just because. And something clicked. If your Insta-feed is getting you down, do a clear out. Forget the followers who will (unintentionally or not) make you feel like sh*** and go for cute dogs who are selfie stars or any of these eight accounts that upped my happy factor this week:

@trotterpup is a dog who wears many hats.

Harry Trotter

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Just. Look. At. Him. This French Bulldog isn't afraid of a selfie either,?and man, that hat collection is fire.

@notes2myselfie is both funny and scarily real.?


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?Hilarious one-liners, relatable thoughts, and'dry humour = the perfect antidote?to life (just generally).

@cashcats are (quite literally) cats with cash.

youngest kitteh doin it #cashcats @imogenthekitten

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They will always have more money and cool stuff then you but you can't hate on them like you would the Kardashians because they are cats. Fluffy cats who will never know the value of all that dosh.


@thecartorialist has many quirky?Illustrations of fashion and beauty's biggest pop culture moments.

Bundled up New Yorkers, I hear Winter is Coming. ?????? #turtleneckseries #blizzard2016

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It's basically a series of delightful doodles and snapshots that are beautiful to look at. You can even look at them without envy because, you know, they are just drawings.

@yoyoha?has many images of cartoons drawn on coffee cups.

Yet for some reason we continue to do it anyway. #100coffeecups

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Witty cartoons on a coffee cup, could this be the best kind of pick-me-up of a Wednesday? Dare you to bring a picture into Starbucks and insist they draw one instead of misspelling your name.

@fashion.in.film is the throwback fashion account we need.


'You've Got Mail' (1998) #youvegotmail #megryan #tomhanks #1998 #1990s #90s #90sfashion #pyjamas #film #fashion #vintage

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...If only to be reminded of a simpler time when all this was way cooler than crocs or sliders *shudder*

@travelcurator is there to remind us that there is real beauty amongst all the madness.

A beautiful way to start a new day | #worthtravelingfor #tcapproved #hawaii #kuai | @Captain_potter via @dametraveler

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If you constantly dream it and yearn to see it, the big, wide world is out there, waiting for you. Make it happen. It's easier than you might think.

@leesamantha tells stories with food (and it's glorious).

Darth Vader! #leesamantha #starwars

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A mother of two, she began making bento art so her first daughter would eat after her second was born. Amazing stuff.

Do you have any go-to, instant pick-me-up Instagram accounts you follow? Tell us in the comments!

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