8 New Enjoyable (And Cheap) Hobbies To Try This Year

Want to take a dive into something new this year? Take a bash at one of these enjoyable (and cheap) hobbies that are suitable for?introverts, extroverts, and everyone in between.

Upcycle everything you own

Not only is it an ingenious way to give life to something old in your wardrobe, it means you're not wasting anything that's still of good use - which the planet will love you for (plus getting crafty is very therapeutic). Start off with small projects like renewing a pair of jeans with new buttons, or dying that old off-white shirt. Pinterest?is a perfect place to check out if you're unsure what to do or where to start.

Enjoy the art of listening

Podcasts are an exceptional way to switch off, relax, think, and learn, and many say that they are the future of storytelling. It's almost like sitting down with your favourite celebrity, author, poet, artist, or sports star to have a conversation; except you get the luxury of sitting back, closing your eyes, and do nothing but listen. Some of our favourites are The women's Podcast, This American Life, Woman's Hour,


Become a documentary buff

If you don't have the time (or commitment) to spend watching endless?tv show series, documentaries are a fantastic alternative.?Documentaries can broaden our knowledge of the world around us and introduce?us to new worlds and lifestyles. Besides; documentaries provide new water-cooler conversation fodder, too. Not sure where to start or what to look for? Here's a helpful link of 50 of the best documentaries available (or soon to be available) on Netflix.


Volunteering is a truly rewarding way to spend any free time, and it really does fill your soul with happiness. There are thousands of really great charities both here and abroad that are always looking for extra help.?Volunteer Ireland will provide you with information or direct you to a charity that best suits your interests. All you need to have is time.

Embroider everything

And we mean everything. It's not just your aunt or granny who does it, you know. Designers like Gucci and Dior continually use intricate detailing on their catwalk looks. We're really inspired by Ellie Mac's enchanting stitchwork and Eradura's western-inspired detailed patches. To start, you'll need an embroidery hoop, small sharp scissors, embroidery needles, and embroidery floss.?Alternatively, if you're not ready to?commit to pricked fingers (hey; practice makes perfect), Hickey's?have a good selection of iron-on embroidery-style patches.

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Write physical letters (and send them)

There's something wholeheartedly joyful about getting a letter in the post (and we mean an actual?letter; not a bill).?You don't ned an excuse to send a letter either: write personal notes to friends and family and then branch out. Penpal World is an online hub where you can?pen letters to other women from every corner of the globe.

Teach your older relatives (or neighbours) the ways of the internet

We sometimes take it for granted how easily we adapted to life "on the line" as our parents sometimes call it. But we often forget that plenty of people we know are still unsure about the basic know-how of computers; let alone the internet. But technology can have a positive effect on your parents or grandparents' daily lives; from ordering the groceries to checking what's on the TV and keeping up with the latest news. Introduce them to the basics and choose a selection of websites that you think they'd benefit from.?

Build your own terrarium


Even if you don't have green fingers and plant-life is not really your thing, terrariums have an abundance of use around your home and they look really?cool. They require a bit more skill and dedication than some of the other hobbies listed, but the result is worth it. The bonus thing about terrariums is that they don't require too much care once they're made. Here's an easy-to-follow guide on creating your first terrarium.

Now, go forth and hobby!

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