8 Mother's Day Gifts That New Mums Actually Want

  1. The Stork Box

The Stork Box is a new Irish company set up by sister duo Sophie Cafolla and Dr Vicky O’Dwyer. They specialise in products for mother and baby, with a range that includes a pre-packed Maternity Hospital Box, baby gift boxes, and stylish womenswear and kidswear.

Whilst the Maternity Gift Box is very popular amongst mums-to-be, the Luxury Mum's the Word bag is the perfect way to show that it’s not all about baby. Including a Max Benjamen Candle, Payot Hand Cream, Elave Lip Balm and Stork Box signature Good Vibes tank top, it’s an easy win.

  1.  In-Home Treatments


New mums don’t have the time to go out and use hairdressing or beauty vouchers, so arranging a treatment that comes to them will bump you one step further on the “thoughtful scale”. Glissed is a Dublin-based online service that has a huge reserve of freelance beauty professionals, all of whom you can book to come to the new mama’s home.

  1. Luxury Sunglasses

Mother of two (and co-host of hilarious Mother Of Pod podcast - a must listen for all women, whether or not you have a baby), Sophie White swears that a pair of luxury sunnies were the best gift she got after the birth of her second child. Not a gift you’d immediately think of, but don’t underestimate the power that a fabulous pair of sunglasses can have on a sleep-deprived woman.

  1. Subscription For IMAGE Magazine

No explanation needed on this front. Order an IMAGE subscription here, she’ll thank you every month it arrives through the door!

  1. Nightdress/ Nightgown/ Slippers

Many new mums will agree that if you make it out of your pyjamas on any given day, you’re doing well. In light of this, a gorgeous nightdress, a silky robe or comfy slippers is a really nice idea. Try to strike a nice balance with something cosy, but also something that she won’t be mortified being seen in when an unannounced caller comes a-knocking.


  1. Google Home

Once you get over the freakishly-futuristic nature of Google Home, you’ll find that it has many convenience perks. “Google Home responds to your voice and can give updates on weather, traffic and breaking news, answer translation queries, set alarms, and more”, so it’s easy to see why it’s a great gift for any millennial mum.


  1. Takeaway food delivery voucher

Again, no explanation needed here. Choose between justeat.ie, Deliveroo, or make the gift more personal by making it a voucher from their favourite restaurant.


  1. Baskets Galore

This is a gorgeous pamper package to give any woman, especially someone who’s recently given birth. She’ll have skin as smooth as a *you know what’s* bottom once she’s lavished herself with all the lotions and potions that it contains.

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