8 Ingredients To Fight Colds

These December health hacks might just save your party season from bouts of bed-ridden sniffling.

We all know vitamin C is the best defence against colds with its immunity boosting properties. However sometimes a bag of oranges can get a bit repetitive. Chili peppers are an often overlooked source of vitamin C. They tend to have the highest amount of vitamin C by volume so make sure to add them to meals. Not only will your antibodies thank you, but you'll also pep up all those boring stews and soups that have been helping you trudge through the winter.

Hot water with a slice of lemon and some shredded ginger is the perfect hot drink to kickstart your day. Ginger is known for its immunity-boosting goodness and some flavoured hydration will keep your H2O levels in good nick. Ginger also has an thinning effect on mucus production, so guzzle away.

Garlic is a magical herb that no kitchen should do without. The magic comes from an ingredient called allicin that fights bacteria.

This mineral is gatheirng a lot of scientific momentum in recent years, with studies constantly proving zinc to be the best ingredient for warding off infections. Pumpkin is one of the best bets for some zinc action but if you've cleared that out of your vegetable patch a few weeks ago, stock up on spinach, nuts and eggs.

Cytokines are proteins in our bodies that fight infection. Mushrooms help us produce more of these helpful nippers. See? Full Irish breakfasts?can be good for you!


Carrots contain beta-carotene. Beta-carotene protects your cells from being damaged while fighting off infections. This is your excuse to make mash tonight.

You can't write a health food article without mentioning kale it seems. Thankfully this green is actually pretty darn fabulous. One cup delivers three times the vitamin A your battling body needs and at least 90% of your vitamin C. While science says vitamin C can't actually stave off colds or flus, it does shorten the duration of sniffling.

Sweet Potatoes
Like kale, sweet potatoes are amazing on the vitamins A and C front. Sweet potatoes are also part of the beta-carotene family alongside carrots. These goodies make the best infection-fighting chips imaginable.

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