8 delicious, healthy dessert recipes to try this week

The whole family will love these low calorie, dreamy desserts

Making a delicious dessert doesn’t always have to include heaps of butter and refined sugar. 

With a few simple substitutions, for healthier flours and fresh fruit, low calorie desserts are easy to make.

These eight recipes taste just as indulgent as richer alternatives, but without the guilt.


1. Coconut flour cookies

Made with nut butter, coconut oil, coconut flour and dark chocolate chips, these cookies can be adapted for dairy-free, gluten-free, keto, paleo, and vegan diets. They are super simple to make and scrumptious too. (Well Plated)

2. Fudgy, paleo brownies

You don’t have to be paleo to appreciate this healthier brownie recipe. The key is making it with almond flour, olive oil, honey, coconut sugar and almond butter, so that they are still moist but not overly sweet. (Delish)

3. Crustless apple pie


Forego the heavy crust and make a warm, cinnamony apple filling. Just slice and bake three apples and top with a bit of butter, sugar, cinnamon and rolled oats. Best served with vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt. (Delish)

4. Light, sticky toffee pudding

This lighter version of a sticky toffee pudding tastes just as good as the traditional version but is made with dates and maple syrup instead of sugar. Be sure to top with a dollop of Greek yogurt and syrup drizzle. (BBCGoodFood)

5. Chocolate avocado mousse

Despite its name, you can hardly taste the avocado in this mousse at all. Combined with honey and coconut cream, the avocado adds a mousse texture and enriches the dark chocolate flavour. (Taste)

6. Carrot cake oatmeal cookies


These carrot cake oatmeal cookies are sweet and filling. The combination of shredded carrots with hearty oats and cinnamon is a rare treat. They’re made with healthy ingredients too, like whole wheat flour, coconut oil and maple syrup. (Amy’s Healthy Baking)

7. Dark chocolate truffles

One of these creamy, dark chocolate truffles are just 55 calories. To make them, mix together melted dark chocolate, greek yogurt and nut butter. Then refrigerate them and dust with unsweetened cocoa powder. (May I Have That Recipe)

8. Juicy Lucy pudding

This BBC original recipe has been rated five stars by reviewers and it’s easy to see why. It is packed with tasty forest fruits, pears and blueberry jam, then topped with golden breadcrumbs. (BBCGoodFood)



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